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Brand new products for those looking for truly modern gifts.
New family crest gifts and also non-family crest gifts.

Framed Ceramic ArtFamily crest (coat-of-Arms) on an Italian made ceramic, framed with an Irish made real-wood frame.

Family Crests printed on Italian-made ceramics, framed in a real wood box-frame. Handmade in Ireland.

Non-Family Crest PrintsGift for couple. Prints of their favourite teams or location or zodiac signs. Modern gift for any occasion.

Inspirational personalised prints for couples. Celebrates their differences, origins or sporting favourites.

Family Name Search

Plaques, prints and ceramic art designed and made in Galway on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.
Delivered Worldwide.

Search through our online database of over 500,000 family names.

Currently most of the names uploaded are of Irish and British Origin – but we also have other nationalities.

Please note: This online family name search may only show the family shield. When printed on a product it will be surrounded by the ornate surround (knights head and sides).

Our Free family coat of arms search

We have thousands and thousands of family coat of arms on file and not all images are listed here yet as we are in the process of uploading them to the website. If your crest does not appear here, don’t worry, chances are we do have it! – So you can still order the gift of your choice.

To search for your family coat of arms just type in your family’s last name in the free search box at the top of this page.
Our results will show your coat of arms (Family Name Shield) and country of origin for that particular design.

  • If we have an exact match we will show you your family coat of arms below.
  • If we have a partial match – e.g. you type in the name Brown, we will show you names containing those letters – Browne, Browning, etc….
  • If the search returns no matching coat of arms or family last name, you can use our “Family Name Search Request Form” – and we will get back to you as to whether we have that family name on file or not.

We have coat of arms whose origins come from many nationalities including:
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British Family Names  
English Family Names  
Scottish Family Names  
Welsh Family Names  
French Family Names  
German Family Names  
Austrian Family Names  
Polish Family Names  
Norway, Sweden, Denmark Family Names  
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Swiss Family Names  
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Italian Family Names  

Our Surnamecrest family name products make great Wedding and Anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas presents, or any other occasion.