Double Crest Plaque

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Fantastic Wedding or Anniversary Gift

  • Metal and wood plaque
  • Two Family Crests
  • A choice of decorative Borders
  • You can add first names /dates, etc.
  • Attractive Presentation Box available
  • ~A modern twist to a traditional item~
  • Presentation Box
    A Presentation Box is available for this product. You purchase that separately. Please see the tab below for more information.
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The perfect wedding or anniversary gift! – A modern twist to a traditional wedding present.

These metal and wood plaques are highlighted by both the bride and the groom’s family crests. At no extra cost, on the plaque, you can add additional information such as their first names and date of wedding, or even a personal message such as “Two Families become One” or “On Your Wedding Day”… 

If you wish, you have a selection of beautiful borders to choose from that can further enhance the plaque.

We designed the plaque to sit comfortably in both a traditional and contemporary household. Its sleek lines and clean sharp images will look fantastic in the couples home whether its a modern city centre apartment or a traditional cottage in the wilds of the countryside. For their convenience, these wedding or anniversary plaques can be mounted on the wall or displayed on a desk, shelf or counter.

Traditionally the double coat-of-arms (family crests) represent two families coming together whilst still respecting the fact that each have their own unique backgrounds. Its these unique backgrounds that help shape them as individuals and made them who they are. It is who they are that the other has fallen in love with and now they are united to create their own family background. Its a gift that will be passed on from generation to generation.

This is a wonderful Wedding or Anniversary gift. A Stunning wood and metal Wedding Plaque printed with two family coat of arms.

  • A4 size Brass effect Metal Plate mounted on a wood base.
  • Double family coat of arms of the bride and groom
  • Choice of border design
  • Text can be added to the design, such as dates and first names etc… and our designers will include it on the finished product.
  • Plaque can be wall mounted or placed on desktop, counter or shelf
  • Plaque Size: 330mm x 270mm

The plaque is shipped in bubblewrap and protected cardboard. If you wish you can add a Presentation Box to further enhance the gift.
The presentation box can be personalised for the couple making it even more special (See Packaging Options Tab for details).

This is our top seller – couples really love this thoughtful gift as is evident by the great feedback and testimonials we receive.

What customers say…

Surname Crest

5 out of 5
based on 23 ratings.
23 user reviews.
Surname Crest

I love the look and style of your product. Much nicer than some others I have looked at on the net and as my son is an artist I didn’t want to buy something that looked cheap and old fashioned. He is very proud of his Irish heritage so this gave me the idea of the gift. I like the font you use for the names and the borders are lovely.
Wicklow, Ireland
5 out of 5


Presentation Box

Our Presentation boxes are especially designed for our Plaques and Framed Prints. This Deluxe Presentation Box is made with a decorative fluted outer covering and a contrasting smooth stepped interior.

With the Presentation Box you also have options to make it even more personal by adding interior cover sheets.

This adds a new level of sophistication and uniqueness to the gift. When the recepients lift the lid off, they see their unique design printed on the flaps, which they unfold to reveal the plaque underneath.

The Presentation Box costs €10

This personalised interior cover sheet cost an additional €5 and can be printed with either:

  • The crest(s) or main image from the plaque / framed print,
  • The receiver(s) Surname initial(s), or
  • A personal message – e.g.. “To Paul & Mary”, “From the Smith Family”, a poem, or whatever you want, we can print here.

You can add this Presentation Box to your order from the link on the checkout page.

You can add this presentation box to your order from the link on the checkout page, or go there now by clicking this link: Presentation Box   (opens in new window)

Even though these presentation boxes where especially designed for our Plaques and Framed Prints, some customers also like to present our Non‑Framed Prints in the boxes. For this we can add a layer of display foam in the box to stop the print from moving.

Shipping Rates

Fast Worldwide Delivery

We have worked hard to find delivery rates that are as inexpensive as possible while still delivering the product in good time.

Ireland and Northern Ireland  –  (Approximate Delivery Costs and Schedule)

  • Plaques…….$9.98
  • Prints (Unframed)…….$3.33

Production time 1-2 days. Delivery -typically, for orders within Ireland we use a courier service and customers can expect their order in less than 4 days.

Great Britain  
–  (Approximate Delivery Costs and Schedule)

  • Plaques…….$13.31
  • Prints (Unframed)…….$6.66

Production time 1-2 days. For deliveries to Scotland, England and Wales we use the Postal System and customers can expect their orders in usually 5 – 8 days.

USA, Canada and Australia
   –  (Approximate Delivery Costs and Schedule)

  • Plaques…….$24.40
  • Prints (Unframed)…….$11.09

Production time 1-2 days. Shipping to countries such as United States of America, Canada, Australia and any other world region that has a Registered Postal System – customers can expect their orders in usually 7 – 14 days.
Please note:  sometimes Canada and Australia post can take a few days longer to arrive – this is outside of our control.
Plaques and items in Presentation Boxes cost more to delivery because the Presentation Box is a quality box – therefore adds more to the delivery weight and is a larger item to deliver.

Rest of World  
 –  (Approximate Delivery Costs and Schedule)

  • Plaques…….$24.40
  • Prints (Unframed)…….$11.09

Production time 1-2 days. Customers can expect their orders in usually 7 – 20 days.
Plaques and items in Presentation Boxes cost more to delivery because the Presentation Box is a quality box – therefore adds more to the delivery weight and is a larger item to deliver.


International customers find that the cost of our products, together with the cost of International delivery – is STILL CHEAPER than similar products from their local retailers. We deliver just as fast, and we don’t compromise on the quality of our products!